Saturday, March 22, 2014

Free Google Apps - DOCTOPUS and Goobrics


DOCTOPUS is a great free app that was developed by a teacher, Andrew Stillman.

This app is helpful for teachers who would like to Share a document with a class of students that has instructions and space for students to respond individually to the teacher. Teachers develop a mailing/class-list by entering students names and email addresses onto  a Google Spreadsheet. This is the most time-consuming aspect of setting this app, but once it is done all you need to do is share them with your fellow Team teachers via the "Share" button.

Check out this VIDEO to preview how to set up Doctopus in your files.

Here's a Google Presentation on Doctopus that also takes you through the set-up step by step, although as you'll learn from the preceding video you'll see that Doctopus has been up-graded so some of the features have changed...improved actually! I'll try to up-date the presentation shortly.

GOOBRICS is another free add-on to Doctopus that allows teachers to create an accompanying rubric.

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