Thursday, April 3, 2014

Live Binders

Live Binders is a great organizing tool for teachers. All of your lessons, videos, documents, files can be up-loaded to this easy to use program. It is a wonderful way for teachers to gather and keep their collections of resources and lesson plans.

Picture a 3-ring binder with tabs in it to divide up different worksheets, lessons, even video links that you might be storing for lessons....but, picture this binder on-line and you can pull up any and all of your tabs as you need them for a class, or assorted classes in a school day.

Some teachers post  a link to their class Live Binder tab to their individual or school website so students can easily and readily access this work from home. For those interested in setting up a "flipped classroom" this is a good place to have as your "Command Central" for your students to do their work  and research at home.

Teachers are also able to access other teachers' "Live Binders" in an assortment of grade levels and curriculum areas. Check out this link for those resources.
Some people, students and teachers, are setting up their own personal ePortfolios using Live Binders. Check into that here.

Take a look at this intro video and you'll see how easy and convenient Live Binder is to use for so many classroom teachers at all grade levels.

HERE'S an excellent example of a very thorough Live Binder for multiple grade levels that includes a variety of curriculum area topics. In time, your Live Binder efforts can build up to this level and become a tremendous resource for you and your teaching peers!!

Let me know if you try Live Binders and how you are using it!

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