Monday, June 30, 2014

TRIAND - create quizzes based on Common Core

There are over 53,000 test questions covering grades three through high school for all the core subjects (math, science, social studies and English). All items are aligned to state standards and common core standards.
53000 test questions
40000 test questions
Thousands of state released items, reading passages and writing prompts.
Search by common core or state standard.
40000 test questions
Print a professional PDF test booklet for your classroom.
Or - have your students start taking the test online!
40000 test questions
Little effort, amazing tests
Create a quality test in seconds.
Need to test about fractions on a number line? Or, forming mental pictures to reflect vivid details?
Search by concept, state standard, grade, subject or course to create your test in seconds.
Look good - print professionally
You pick the questions, we make them look good.
Be proud of your tests with professional printing and items aligned to state standards.
Take your tests to the next level. Your kids will notice - and your peers!
Create your test online
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