Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I recently attended a Learn Launch session for teachers to get introduced to some new start-up educational sites that are being created for educators and students. My first reaction was delight to learn how many of these entrepreneurs are coming through with more and more "teacher friendly" sites for us to work with. They are taking care of some of the time consuming things like no further need to write in student names and individual email accounts for each class list that you need to work with. Most seem to just have a code that you could post on a gmail "share" to your individual classes and once the students click on that, they create their own log-in, using their school gmail account.
Nice help!
One of the very promising start-ups that I spoke with was called Chalkup. My first impression is it's a lot like Edmodo, but a bit easier to navigate around and seems to offer more depth and breadth for teachers. This platform was built to work with Google Drive and teachers will find it easy to import documents, create surveys, post assignments, videos, comments, etc.
And, good news....it is free!
They have scheduled some up-coming webinars this summer that you might want to participate in to help you gain some more insight as to how Chalkup might be of help to you in your classroom.
Also check out their blog, you can learn lots more info about Chalkup there and their overall mission statement here.


Chalkup even has a Flashcard making section to their platform so students can study some key terms, dates, etc. that you assign for them to study. They are collecting these and will have them available for teachers to draw from without needing to make them up (a work in progress!)

Discussion pages - students all contribute to a topic, question, assignment, etc.

If other teachers in school are using Chalkup students will see a page like this with their assignments from all classes (color-coded per class): 


Chalkup on Facebook

Let me know if you check it out!

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