Thursday, November 27, 2014

Easy Accents App with Google Docs

Easy accents with Google Docs

I often have students ask me to help them with their World Language Docs, and finding the correct accent symbol can be tough. There is the feature right in Google Docs, called "Symbols", and you will have to switch it to "Latin" to find most French and Spanish accents.  

Luckily there is a new Google Doc Add-on called "Easy Accents." Not sure we can save this on student accounts, but you might want to share it with your students for them to set up on their home accounts.

This Add-on is free, and extremely easy to use! 

1: Open up any Google Doc new or old.

2: Click on "Add-ons" at the top of the doc.

3: Search "Easy Accents"

4: Click "free" and then accept the Add-on.

5:  Return to your Google Doc and click on Add-ons  again

6. A new page will show you the variety of choices of accents in the language that you have selected....that's all there is to it! 

Easy Accents....check it out!

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