Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saving a Video to a Google Presentation/Slide

Using Google Slides it is now very easy to insert a YouTube video to your presentation so that all you need to do is open the slide, click on the video to activate it, and you are good to go!

To do this - open Google Slides and slide your cursor over to the word "INSERT" when you slide down you will see the word VIDEO with a video icon. Click on that and a page will open up that looks like this -

From here type in either the specific name of the video or category that you would like - 
"Bill Nye Science Guy" or "Bill Nye Science Guy - Physics" for example
and it will bring you to a few selections on the Internet. You can then click on the specific one that you'd like and insert it onto your slide where it will now be able to play once you activate it from your Google Presentation!


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