Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We've come across a wonderful app for teachers and students to create their own timelines. It's located on the Read Write Think .org site which has several other interesting apps to check into as well.
click here for the  - TIMELINE app

It's quite simple for students to use. They sign in, choose a start date and event, and can even add various pictures into their timeline.
Ideas for using a timeline could include as a book report - following a story character from start to finish.

In a history lesson, what events occured and in what order - for example in a study of the Revolutionary War, what happened that led up to the British sending troops to the Colonies; what happened in the Boston area pre-war time; and follow along from either a Minuteman or Redcoat point of view...or, just use it to mark certain events throughout the entire war.

In Tech Ed classes students could put together a timeline showing the changes in the invention of the bicycle over time, for example.

The addition of pictures either from an Internet search or drawings that students create themselves and then import into the program, definitely helps add some interest to the timeline itself.

Students can save and send their Timeline file to a teacher or themselves, as well as add it to a document - though here's an example of where use of the Snipping Tool feature is quite helpful for your students to transfer their finalized timeline onto their document.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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