Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A wonderful FREE site for teachers to collect and store all sorts of curriculum work is a new start-up called - Coursekicker.

  • Quickly and easily find the best lesson plans for any topic
  • Find great videos and other materials to enhance your lessons
  • Organize materials in your personal library, and create lesson playlists
  • Share with other teachers your favorite links, your own lessons, and your ideas for creating great classroom experiences

  • The teaching resources are created by teachers. Member teachers then rate the resources with a star system. Teachers can collect materials that they like into their own Library and then use them with their classes. Teachers are also encouraged to post their own lessons in whatever format they choose. Class resources can be PowerPoint presentations, videos, labs, curriculum presentations, quizzes, surveys, worksheets, etc. Coursekicker provides a clear format to use with dropdown menus for Lessons, Subjects, Grade Levels, All Types (of lessons), and Standards.

    There's much more to Coursekicker. It will take some time to look through it and see what parts apply to you. For example, there is a Community page for educators to share together by posting questions, challenges, discussion topics, etc..

    It looks like Coursekicker has the potential to be a wonderful resource for all teachers on all levels.
    Let me know if you check it out!

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