Friday, July 25, 2014


Recently many colleges and universities are including E-Portfolios as a platform for students, teachers, alumni, etc. to showcase their work and ideas. Digication is one of these wonderful sites that many universities are using. High School students should take note as this sort of portfolio will be helpful to you as you apply to colleges...It will be quite impressive on your college applications if you set up your own e-portfolio of your HS work, internships, employment, volunteer work, etc. It also helps your future schools and employees see your experience, achievements and background.  Students and teachers can include artwork, writings, videos, coursework, collaborative work, research, etc. on a platform like Digication.

Some colleges now include this as a mandatory part of their graduation coursework. An e-portfolio program like Digication is actually an excellent way to present your work, your background, your creativity, your coursework to future employers/life opportunities. Many colleges also are now incorporating Common Core Standards and state teaching frameworks as part of an e-portfolio presentation. It creates a comprehensive package of your educational/life learning experiences that will impress anyone you present it to as you approach your life interests.
Check out this intro video from DIGICATION.

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