Friday, July 25, 2014

Wordle Tutorials

You've probably seen those Word Splashes on your screen within various presentations - these are made with a simple little program called Wordle. Just click on this link and it will bring you to the program you need to build these word splashes. You dont need to dowload anything to your computer for this, though you may like to Bookmark Wordle onto your computer for quicker access. Students and teachers alike can use this program in a variety of ways - key vocabulary words from Science class; words that a students feels describe themselves; names of characters from a book; math terms; Social Competency terms, etc.

The mechanics of using Wordle are quite easy. Once you open the program, just enter your list of words/names in the space provided. Just to experiment and see how it works, you may want to start off with a short list (8-10 words), however the bigger Word Splashes are sort of fun and can often turn into a type of "Word Search" for students.

Check out this VIDEO for more advanced work with Wordle - copying poems, using website URLs, changing  the layout, colors, font style, cutting out words, etc.

You can use your Snipping Tool to save your Wordle creation. A short little video to help you locate your Snipping Tool in Windows 8/8.1

A quick note - make sure that JAVA is uploaded to your computer at home and the school computers if you intend to have students create their own word arrangements.

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