Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Another very interesting platform presented at the recent LearnLaunch session that I attended was called HSTRY. 

In their words, Hstry.org "is a digital learning tool where teachers and students alike can create their own interactive timelines. Embedded social features promote collaboration and engagement between students."

Hstry.org appears to be a very easy to use timeline creating site with professional looking results. Your students work will shine with both how their information is presented and how they can incorporate images into the finished product. It appears to be quite easy to start right in with - you can search on-line for images that correspond with your research topic and include links to your sources.
This is a very new start-up, but I was impressed with the final looks of their timelines and their interest in teacher/student participation and feedback, including social media / Facebook participation.

Paul Revere's Ride Timeline

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