Saturday, August 23, 2014

5 Online STEM Courses - Edudemic

There's so much out there to share with our students these days....
Here's some sites/apps to check out that range from Baseball to Computer Programming to AI Robotics and Game Design....

Check out these courses shared by Jeff Dunn on Edudemic -
Baseball Analytics - Learn about the math of selecting baseball players. You know, like that movie Moneyball.

Intro to Computer Programming

Computer programming basics – a great place to start.

AI For Robotics

Maybe someday, you can design your own Rosie to clean your house, make your dinner, and serve you up some sass.

Creative 3D Graphics

3-D graphics aren’t just found in your local IMAX theater anymore. And the red and blue flimsy glasses? Well, at least they’re a little bit cooler now (and not so red and blue and cheap). Learn about 3-D graphics in this course.

Intro to Game Design

A must for gamers, you can learn to design your own game! 

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