Monday, August 18, 2014

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is coming to us this fall. Yes, I wish they came out with it this summer so we could play around with it some and get more familiar with it, but given this presentation "Google Classroom Training" posted recently by Joshua Keen / Aaron Svoboda, it looks relatively easy to set up and work in. GClassroom looks quite promising and helpful for us to create classes; add students; create, organize and track student/class assignments; share resources (Google Drive, You Tube, websites, etc.); and even set up grading.

Teachers in other school systems who have tried the Beta form of Google Classroom state that it is relatively easy to understand and set up, and many have dropped using Doctopus, as GClassroom pretty much replicates much of what Doctopus was set up to do for teachers.

Video on how to create classes in Google Classrooms.

For a fuller, more detailed review of using GClassroom, by Jenn Sheffer of the Burlington, MA High School Help Desk - read HERE.

I submitted my name and our school to get GClassroom a couple of months ago. Hopefully we'll be able to get it up and running soon, as the school year is upon us!

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