Sunday, August 3, 2014


Growing up I had a friend who was not the greatest student in the world, however he had this passion and ability for learning/memorizing two main things...
1) US Presidents, in order of their terms
2) States from the US and their Capitols.
He could win every class contest when it came to those categories....but, maybe not so much when it came to our Math work or homework!

To this day, Michael can dazzle crowds with his knowledge of those particular facts. If there ever was a Jeopardy match that relied on just those two categories - Michael would dominate, hands down! In the mean time he sticks with entertaining friends and strangers down at the coffee shop where he likes to start his day.

Michael would also do quite well on the site SPORCLE. Sporcle (spelled with a "c" not a "k"), is a fun assortment of thousands of timed quizzes/games that require similar memory work. Where, yes, one the the all-time popular quizzes is about US Presidents! There are 15 major categories that the Sporcle games fall into:
Gaming, Geography,
History, Holiday,
Just For Fun,
Language, Literature,
Miscellaneous, Movies, Music,
Science, Sports, and Television.

On a slow rainy weekend, or perhaps if your students have completed their work and you grant them some time on can really pass the time away...and maybe even learn a few facts! Like this one -
"Name the 10 Body Parts that are Spelled with Only 3 Letters"......

You have 2 minutes - Ready GO! - SPORCLE

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