Saturday, August 2, 2014


For teachers who are interested in helping their students develop stronger writing skills, you'll be pleased to learn about KidBlog. The Basic package which includes 50 student accounts and 2 teacher accounts is free, including ad-free, and no student email addresses are used. They also offer a Class Premium as well as an Admin Pro format that offers more customized blogs, for a fee. In a short time teachers can set up students with their own individual blog. The formatting is simple enough for students from grade 4 through High School and, teachers and parents will appreciate, in a safe on-line setting.

Check here for a REVIEW from one teacher, Susan Lucille Davis, who saw her students writing efforts improve as well as their interest in writing increase. She includes comments from her students as well, as they evaluated their own writing experience over the course of a school year.

If you'd like to see your students have some fun while they learn to write, check out Kidblog!

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