Tuesday, August 5, 2014


You and your students are going to have some fun with Blabberize. Using Blabberize you can make your images talk, no matter what they are - animals, plants, people, even inanimate objects! Blabberize is relatively easy to work with - if you've ever made on of those Jib Jab holiday elf creations you'll see some similar features.

Check out this article from Emerging Ed Tech on Blabberize which includes a video tutorial, and get started! Your students can have some fun recreating a great moment in HISTORY; or, like the example above, share some SCIENCE information/phenomenon; or, perhaps they can share their process on a MATH problem using an emcee to be the mouthpiece; some classes read poems and then draw an image that they then blabberize as they read the poem...the possibilities are endless, and fun!

BLABBERIZE - it's a fun one!!

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