Saturday, August 2, 2014

More on Students and Blogging with Greg Nadeau

Check out this TEDxBeacon Street video presentation by educational consultation, Greg Nadeau, who believes in the value of student blogging in a "Lifelong Learning Blog." He elaborates this in his TED talk as well as his own blog - "Blogs and Badges."

I like that Nadeau takes his beliefs on the importance of blogging beyond just helping developing good writing skills, but that he encourages whole families to partake in blogging together and sharing comments and ideas together. Nadeau also emphasizes how students will be able to take their blog writing skills with them into their future - add their blog to an e-Portfolio where they can show their life-long writing efforts to prospective colleges; include with job applications, etc. Truly taking the meaning of "LifeLong" with them as they move on in life.

Oh how I wish I had some of my writings from 5th, 6th and through 12th grade, and beyond!

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