Monday, August 18, 2014

BYOD - Student Owned Devices in our Classrooms

We've been given the nod that students can BYOD - bring in their own devices to help with in-class research, video/photos, classwork, graphing trends, etc. Whether we're ready for it or not, experts claim that this is inevitable and the future, especially given the demand on school finances and not always being able to keep up the latest technology. So, we might as well find ways to start using them effectively in our classrooms now!!

Here's a good post from Katrina Schwartz on a recent edition of Mindset that will help give you some ideas on how to effectively use these devices in your classroom and maybe even help impress upon students how to use their devices for educational purposes, and something besides checking out YouTube videos or posting photos on Instagram. Along with elaborating how to establish some ground rules with BYODs in school, Schwartz also posts some "go-to apps" that some teachers like to introduce to their students to help with this engagement and learning with technology.

Share some here what and how you are using devices in your class as the year goes on!

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